Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My first blog for LIB

Gee, I'm blogging. 

As a writer, you would think that blogging would come as second nature to me. It doesn't.

I've recently watched episodes of the series "Californication" (via Netflix), and I think I'm in tandem with the way the character Hank Moody feels about blogging. He considers it to be an abhorrence to the written word. 

I've visited blogs, even contributed to some public opinion polls on occasion. There are a few writers sites where I've added my thoughts (Zhura, Netfilm, to name a couple). But ultimately, as I have read down lists of publicly posted comments, I've gotten bored with the opinionated banter that serves no useful purpose.

I suppose there are blog sites out there that can be useful in finding and analyzing information. I just haven't been inspired to search for them. Maybe this library course will teach me why I'm wrong.