Monday, January 20, 2014

Bringing in 2014

Hello, everyone.

I don't have much to post about this early in the new year, but I want to encourage everyone to come up with an idea and and get started on it. Or, finish an old one that may be sleeping in a drawer.

I have a goal to finish a short that seems to be growing into a feature, and I'm toying with another TV spec for the show Parks and Recreation. That's right, neither is of a horrific nature. but that's okay, horror scripts still lurk deep down in my heart.

Speaking of horror, I am tentatively scheduled to be on Shriekfest Radio on a Thursday night, March 20th at 7pm. What is Shriekfest Radio, you ask? It's an extension of the Shriekfest Film Festival, where winners and finalists get to be interviewed. You can tune in online here. They touch base with Shriekfest alumni throughout the year, so check it out. There are many cool horror writers to listen to and ask questions of. My feature spec A Good Soul was a finalist in 2013, and my short PWNED was a finalist in 2011.

Happy writing, everyone!