Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Year New Projects. Sort of... (Updated)

A month has past since the last update, but I have one snippet of newer news to post. The pilot episode of the series I've been obsessed with has garnered a semifinalist status in the 2017 Scriptapalooza TV competition in addition to the quarterfinals nod from The Shore Scripts  competition that I mentioned last month. I discovered this information while cleaning out my SPAM folder, so it pays to do some email house cleaning once in a while.
In other news, I just finished a draft of the 19th episode of the same series, with the beginnings of at least two more episodes in progress. Another month, another copyright to register. I also updated my competition win listings at and was surprised to see that three of my short scripts were listed among the top ten of the categories listed on the site. Those scripts are Roadside Picnic, The Body and Blood and Pwned. It's always nice to get a little reminder that your writing doesn't suck.

I continue to look forward to the new year as I continue to expand on the historical drama series I started almost two years ago. I've completed nineteen episodes since starting the pilot in April of 2015. That's a solid two seasons worth of material for those executives who passed on the idea because they couldn't see it sustaining a single season. Yes, I'm a sole, novice writer who is pushing out an average of one episode a month. It makes sense to worry that the quality isn't there. But if I can single handedly carry two seasons worth of material over the course of two years, then maybe this project is a development goldmine! Maybe…

Regardless of the lack of industry movers knocking at my door, I continue to write them. Always keep writing. The practice is good for you.

That's it. I'm out. And again, I wish you all the best of luck in your writing endeavors.

The Chain - Francisco Pizarro