Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Schoharie - A Novel

Quick update. I've entered the world of self publishing and now have my first novel available via soft cover and as an eBook. The book is called The Schoharie. Please check out the sidebar for a link to purchase the book.

Here's an excerpt from the prologue of the book:

Thirty years ago, "Injun Joe" O'Brien took an eighty foot plunge off the side of a half built bridge spanning The Schoharie Creek in the Schoharie Valley. Some say that it coincided with the time he lost his pinkie finger to the first knuckle. He never did explain that. He pleaded with the men of the Sheriff's Department, in particular young deputy Ben Harrigan, as they tried to talk him out of jumping. At gunpoint. He pleaded for their help.

Now, thirty years later, the reasons for Joe's actions remain unclear. Most of the folk in this secluded valley agree that it was the day Joe just snapped. There is a history behind the bridge. But the elders of this valley have been quite content to keep old bones buried deep.

The bridge did get built. And O'Brien miraculously survived the plunge. But he was never the same after that, or for the short five year span of the rest of his life. It broke Mary Bonner's heart. She was the woman who loved him with all her soul. And yet many a nosy resident of this valley believed, in fact knew, that she sought solace in the arms of another.

I hope it proves to be an entertaining read for anyone who is interested. The eBook version is the less expensive option, and can be found at Amazon, Goodreads, Kobo and a number of other ebook selling websites.

Thanks for all of your support! And if you do take the time to check out the eBook, please feel free to  leave a review. Especially if you enjoyed it. Positive reviews are essential to indie authors, so please help us out if you can.

One last note -- Always Keep Writing!