Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring 2010

Wow, not much to report as the year slips away. The first third of 2010 has been peppered with baseball games, civil war reenactments, school for me and the entire family, scouting events... In a nutshell, not much time to write.

But I have set aside some time to keep on that animation idea. As a participant of this year's script frenzy (write 100 pages of a script - or anything else- within in the month of April), I foresee myself failing miserably - with just 14 pages short of the goal. But hey, that's 86 pages to my credit, so I'll take it.

Don't beat yourself up over the words you didn't type. Praise yourself for what you got done! Right? Who's with me?

Of course, I have wasted a lot of writing time on learning MS Powerpoint for class. Now that I know how to use it, it's really cool! I've wasted a lot of time trolling the internet for links to my heritage too. I'm proud to say that I've traced our family line all the way back to 15th Century France, and to the first settlers of Montreal, Quebec, and with some measure of certainty to Pre-Revolutionary War America. That seems like a worthwhile waste of time.

And now, I've succeeded in keeping this blog page up to date. Yay, me!

Keep writing, everyone!